Varietal: Semillon 

Vintage: 2018

Region: Heathcote, VIC

Colour: Deep straw colour

Palate: A full wine with a rich, creamy, viscous texture showing honey, praline toffee and landline characters balanced by a crisp lemon natural acidity on the finish.  Well integrated new French oak background is not too dominant.


[Jasper Hill] wines are grown, made and bottled entirely on the estate from their own grapes, using organic principles. Jasper Hill produces their own composts and have never used synthetic chemicals on either the vines or the soils, since their vineyards were planted in 1975.

Viticultural practices are simple: own rooted vines (ie. not grafted on to American rootstocks to confer Phylloxera resistance), no irrigation whatsoever, minimal tillage, natural inter-row mulching leading to broad bio-diversity, very low yields giving depth and intensity to their wines. Only hand pruning of the vines and hand harvesting of the fruit can allow Jasper Hill the human connection to their living soil.

ABV: 14.5%

Size: 750mL

Jasper Hill - "Georgia's Paddock" Semillon - Heathcote, VIC - 2018

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