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Live on Zoom - 8pm every Thursday until the end of time....

(Zoom Meeting ID - https://zoom.us/j/4028041783)

@WineRogue Cellar Door Series


We're bringing the mountain to Mohammad - each week Vinny will bring a new Cellar Door into your front room and just like if you were visiting the winery, the samples are on us.
We'll take you through at least 6 x 100ml samples from a new producer every Thursday and learn everything we need to know from the region and growing conditions to the winery dog's name.
Fear not for those who want to kick on, we have the "Warm Up, Sample, Cool Down" pack for you to keep you hydrated before, during and after the tasting.
Those not afraid of a bit of commitment, there's the 6-Week Pack that will ensure your samples arrive each week for 6 Weeks - you'll save just over 15% on the delivery fee here also! (Faark we're generous!)
These tastings are designed not only to keep you sane during isolation but to help me teach you about different styles, regions, producers and everything else you need to know about wine. (It's also humorous to hear an Irish guys mispronounce French wine terms here and there!)

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