Varietal: Red blend / Grenache (70%) + Mataro (30%)

Vintage: 2017

Region: McLaren Vale, SA

Nose: Floral and sweet fruited.

Palate: Feijoa, orange peel and spice from the Mataro co-mingles nicely with the lively, bright red fruited Grenache. Medium bodied with dusty tannins, the GR/M strikes a nice counterbalance between the openly fruity nature of Grenache and the darker, more brooding nature of Mataro.

Notes: Biodynamically farmed at Yangarra Estate in the distinctive sandy soils of Blewitt Springs were hand-picked on the same day and co-fermented using wild yeast in an open fermenter for 2 weeks. The year was warm, thus this is a warm and soulful drop. The wine shows grip and an engaging spicy edge because of the use of whole bunches in the Mataro. 

ABV: 14.9%

Size: 750mL

Brash Higgins - GR/M Grenache / Mataro - McLaren Vale, SA - 2017

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