Varietal: Pink Petillant Naturel  

Vintage: 2020 

Region: Riverland, SA 

Colour: Hazy bright pink 

Notes: This pink pet nat brings together red & white - Vermentino and Nero d'Avola. Traditionally grown hundreds of miles apart, each variety was picked and fermented separately, the final wine was blended and bottled just prior to the Nero d’Avola finishing ferment to create the Petillant Naturel style sparkling.

Nose: Clean, wonderful yeastiness, like "walking into the kitchen while mum is baking fruit toast." 

Palate: This naturally sparkling, rag tag blend of grapes from the Riverland will bless your palate with its spritzy energy, sweet dark fruit, and bracing acidity. "Nero d’Avola turns the good times up to 11 with its super bright red fruit cutting through the citrus, stonefruit push of the Vermentino."


Delinquente Wines - "Weeping Juan" Pink Pet Nat 2020 - Riverland, SA

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