Varietal: Gewurztraminer

Vintage: 2018

Region: King Valley 

Handmade - Wild Yeast Ferment - Unfined - No Enzyme Added -No Acid Added - Barrel Aged on Lees

As with all wines released under the Nomads Garden range input from us in the winery was kept to an absolute minimum.

Picked in the cool of the morning at a fresh 11.5 baume then taken straight to the winery to be gently basket pressed straight to seasoned 5 & 6 year old French oak Puncheons and Barriques. Oak of this age will impart very little, if any oak characteristics, instead we believe they are the best vessel for wines to age in. Oak is a natural living product that allows the wines breath and evolve with time, something not possible with stainless steel tanks. Once the juice was in barrel it was protected with CO2 until the natural yeast indigenous to vineyard took hold and begun the fermentation process, when using natural yeast we expect fermentation to begin within 3-5 days of crushing. Ferments were temperature controlled in our barrel room to stay at approximately 20 degrees Celsius to retain aromatics.

Once fermentation was complete the Gewurtz was allowed 12 months to rest in barrel on its lees (lees are the solids that drop and of the wine post fermentation) to create texture. The wines are then lightly filtered and bottled, before been given at least 3 months post bottling to settle.

Nomads Gardens Low Intervention Wines - Gewurztraminer - 2018 King Valley (6/12 Packs)

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