Varietal: White Field Blend / Riesling (65%) + Semillon (35%)

Vintage: 2018

Region: McLaren Vale, SA

Colour: Bright with a clear straw / green tinge 

Nose:  Lemon Blossom

Palate: Feels and tastes like everything you want and expect from a seaside wine. A refreshing rush of minerality keeps things taut on the palate; textured layers of salinity and lime intermingle followed by a laser beam of tangy, margarita pucker. This field blend has all the emerald exuberance of Riesling cut with the lemony flesh of Semillon

Notes: Picked on the same day, basket-pressed together then co-fermented wild in trusty barriques, this bright white wine has all the limey pucker and saline lift of a fresh margarita. Great summer drinking and a riot with oysters. We are proud that this wine tastes like the place from where it comes, 20 km from the Gulf of St. Vincent, a true coastal white.

ABV: 13.5%

Size: 750mL

Brash Higgins - R/SM Riesling Semillon - McLaren Vale, SA - 2018

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