Rum Diary "Rum & Raisin" Spiced Rum

Rum Diary "Rum & Raisin" Spiced Rum

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Born from a collaboration between Cavalier Brewing Co & Rum Diary Spiced Rum to create a ‘Red Rum & Raisin IPA' beer, this special spiced rum perfectly compliments the beer. 

Macerating sultanas and raisins in our aged rum gave us the fruit base, adding supporting layers of coffee, cacao, cinnamon, orange and a touch of Spanish chili brought the Rum to life. 

Creativity through collaboration is at the heart of the Experimental Kitchen range. This product, our third to date, is the perfect distillation of two bespoke brands coming together to create a unique product. 

We love working together to push boundaries and explore uncharted flavours, and most of all creating expressions of rum that we hope you enjoy as much as us.

ABV: 42%

Vol: 500ml