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6 x 100ml Samples (Free - Gratis - On Us - We've got this - On the house!)

1 x "A Local Beer" Brewery Mixed 4-Pack 

1 x Full Bottle of Wine from the featured producer

Just because we can't go to Cellar Doors at the moment doesn't mean we can't bring the Cellar Door to you. 

As part of our "WineRogue Cellar Door Series" we'll be bringing producers and a full line-up of their wines to your front room AND just like when you visit the winery - the wines are on us. Boom!

We'll meet a new producer every week and taste through their range with them - learning about different styles, regions and the name of their winery dog...


@WineRogue "Cellar Door Series" Virtual Tasting Pack - 6 x 100ml Samples & Some Before & After Treats - Includes Delivery!
5900 7900

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